Ecuador: a paradise for bees, full of nectar filled flowers

The Ecuador Honey Company started out in 2001 with four beehives. Since then we've grown to 130 beehives strategically placed in the Amazon Rainforest, high in the Andes Mountains, in Lowland Valleys, and on the Pacific Coastal Plain. Each area's flowers give us specific date-harvested honeys, which differ in color, taste, and texture.

But what makes us truly an Ecuador Honey Company is that we've created an association to work with small beekeepers. Through our technical assistance and the marketing of their unique and delicious tasting honeys, small rural communities can not only sell their honey for fair trade prices but they get the added benefit of millions of bees helping to pollinate their crops.

We have chosen the following delicious and unusual 12 honeys to include in
The Best of Ecuador 2005-06

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